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JavaHASE applets are simulation models of computer systems which can be accessed via the WWW and used in both teaching and research. JavaHASE applets are created using HASE and translated into applets which use the SimJava simulation engine. JavaHASE applets are programmable, i.e. users can load their own code and data into the ARRAYS used to model memory, registers, etc using copy & paste editting.

The use of JavaHASE applets is now deprecated since the applets are not compatible with versions of Java after 1.4. Instead, the code for HASE and the HASE models from which the applets were created can now be downloaded.

JavaHASE requirements

JavaHASE requires JDK 1.3 to be enabled in your browser. You can tell whether it is by using Check browser JDK version.

If your browser is not JDK 1.3 enabled you can initiate a JDK 1.3 download from here.

How does JavaHASE work?

JavaHASE Applets

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