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Computer Architecture Simulation Models

Using the Models

Using one of the downloadable HASE models requires you:
  1. to be able to run HASE
  2. to have your own copy of the model files

To run HASE

Go to the DOWNLOADING, INSTALLING & USING HASE page and download a copy of the HASE-III application.

Model files

To make your own copy of the model files, create a models subdirectory/folder in your own filespace and download the relevant <model_name>.tar.gz file using the link on the website for the model. To extract the files, run
gunzip <model_name>.tar.gz followed by
tar xvf <model_name>.tar

This will create a subdirectory for the model containing all the files needed to create your own version.

To use the model, move to the subdirectory/folder for the model and start up HASE. The file menu or the left most icon in the HASE window can be used to open a selection window and the project is loaded by selecting <model_name>.edl. Then compile the project using the Build Project option in the Project menu (or the build icon).

To run the simulation, use the Simulate option in the Project menu (or the run icon). During the simulation, HASE writes a trace file into a Results subdirectory (model_name.sim). When the simulation stops, load the trace file using the Load Trace File option in the Project menu (or the clock icon). When the tracefile is loaded, the animation buttons will light up. Using these buttons you can play the animation, stop it, single step it, re-wind it, etc.

Selecting the parameters tab in the Project Inspector panel allows changes in the values of entity parameters to be observed during simulation. These include register and memory contents, for example. The parameter display of each entity can dragged out of the main display into a separate window by clicking on the hatched area at the left. If the window is closed, it re-docks with the main display.

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