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Licensing HASE

HASE is available free of charge to academic institutions, and to other organisations that wish to use it for internal, non-commercial, non-profit educational and/or research purposes, on completion of an academic licence agreement. This form and the accompanying schedule of software covered by the licence can be downloaded as PDF documents from

For commercial use, the University will negotiate a separate licence on appropriate terms.

HASE has recently been re-written in Java and is undergoing testing on Redhat 9 and Fedora Core 3 versions of Linux. We plan to make this new version (HASE3) available starting in September 2005.

What you need to know


HASE-3 is a new version of HASE written in Java. There are three main components, the HASE application, the HASE GUI and Hase++. Hase++, the discrete event simulation engine, remains virtually unchanged from earlier versions of HASE. Similarly, the simulation executable created by HASE for each model is still a compiled C++ program, so HASE requires access to a C++ compiler.


If you wish to acquire a copy of the HASE software, please download and complete the Licence Agreement form and return it by post (mail in the USA) to:

Professor Roland N Ibbett
Institute for Computing Systems Architecture
School of Informatics
The University of Edinburgh
The King's Buildings
Edinburgh EH9 3JZ, UK

On receipt of a completed Licence Agreement, we will email you a gzipped tar file

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